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Ocean Lodge Independent School

Ocean Lodge Independent School Westcliff-on-Sea

Our school is a learning community where we want everyone, including pupils, staff, parents/carers and visitors to feel welcome, and to be valued, safe and ready for the work that we share.

We believe that each individual is unique and has his/her own special talent which can be developed in a calm, thoughtful and nurturing environment where there is fairness, understanding, clear rules, rewards and consequences.

With these elements in place we believe that it is possible for every pupil,  to enjoy their education, achieve their potential and feel that the problems that have led them to us can be worked through and their lives changed so they can hope and plan for a better and more fulfilling future. Ultimately we aim to support each pupil  on the path towards becoming  independent and responsible citizens .

Every young person at Ocean Lodge Independent School is treated as an individual. We operate on tailored, bespoke timetables that allow individual pupils to flourish, achieve and develop. Our curriculum caters for a wide range of subjects, from National Curriculum to vocational studies, car mechanics and childcare.

Our Aim

Our aim is to engage pupils in the learning experience; to identify in them a desire to learn and creating lifelong learners with the skills needed to live successful and fulfilling lives. Skills highlighted throughout our curriculum include:

  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Communication
  • Resilience
  • Team working
  • Empathy

We strive to develop a sense of community through both volunteering and a restorative approach.


We recognise the importance of qualifications to employers, families and our community but also the sense of pride felt by the pupils in achieving them. The qualifications we currently offer include Entry Level Certificates, ASDAN, CoPE, The Duke of Edinburgh Award, City and Guilds Awards and NVQs, however this list is not exhaustive and again bespoke courses can lead to individual qualifications being offered.

We recognise that not all young people can cope with the stress associated with attending school. Our pupils work either individually, or in small groups. Whilst they usually work within the school building, we can have programmes developed that allow pupils to work on outreach programmes if required.

For further information or inquiries please contact our Referral Hotline: 0203 668 2212

Ocean Lodge School, 8 Trinity Avenue, Westcliff on Sea, SSO7PU