Referrals And Admission

All pupils are referred by Local Authorities. Our homes and school manage referrals and have a strong record of stable and long term placements and not permanently excluding the pupils from our school.

Team members at Potton Homes acknowledge that moving to a new home can be stressful and a difficult experience for young people and their families.

Our admission procedure has been designed to minimise as much as possible the anxieties surrounding a move and whenever possible we prefer to conduct a thorough transitional arrangement including transition into our school if a place is requested.

The criteria for admission to our homes and/or schools is:

If he or she…

  • Has history of placement/s not sustained
  • Finds learning difficult and struggles to make progress
  • Experiences rejection by peers causing low self-esteem and behavioural problems
  • Needs more attention in class and an individual education plan
  • Needs clear structures to fill a gap in his/her social skills and education
  • Wants to be part of a family-style group where respect for each other is a high priority
  • Requires help to overcome previous traumas
  • Would benefit from being in a place where strong links are forged between school, home and parents
  • Has health issues that require regular medication or treatment
  • Is vulnerable and needs additional supervision

and what he or she needs is…

  • A safe and secure place to live with in-house school all provided at a competitive cost
  • To recognise personal difficulties and develop strategies to overcome or cope with them
  • To build relationships in a welcoming and friendly environment
  • To learn to deal with anger and frustration
  • To receive recognition and praise for effort and achievement
  • To have therapy and counselling if and when required
  • To have individual help and learning support throughout school and home life
  • To receive training that will progressively work towards greater independence
  • To gain from group activities, team building, new experiences and challenges
  • To develop greater appreciation of moral values and positive attitudes towards others
  • To become more tolerant of others from different cultures, beliefs or backgrounds

Referral Information required:

We seek to gain as much information as possible about every child referred to us in order that we can make informed choices about the appropriateness of the referral and what will be required in order to meet their needs and help them with their personal development and education.

Documentation with each new referral should include:

  • Personal details such as their full name, address and so forth
  • Contact details of all parties involved with the child
  • The child’s educational history including SAT results where they are available
  • Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • For ‘Looked After Pupils’ – their PEP and any relevant supporting information from agencies involved with the pupil.
  • This is not an exhaustive list of the referral information that we require.

To make a referral

If any of these statements are true of your child… Potton Homes and school can help.

Contact us on Referral Hotline: 0203 668 2212